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When you’ve got high quality ingredients, you don’t need gourmet recipes to make a feast for your family. We hope that you enjoy making these quick and easy meals using our tasty chicken. We have also published a recipe booklet with a selection of our favourites and contributions from local chefs. Follow the link below to download it.

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Free Range Whole Chicken

Our  delicious Great Taste award-winning Free Range whole chickens enjoy a large area of lush pasture in which to roam and forage.


Higher Welfare Chicken Wings

Affordable, tasty and versatile, chicken wings never disappoint, whatever the occasion.


Higher Welfare Chicken Drumsticks

The ultimate party food, chicken drumsticks remind us of summer barbecues and bonfire night parties.


Higher Welfare Chicken Diced Thighs

Diced thighs make great kebabs as you get the full flavour and moisture synonymous with leg meat.