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About Us

About Clive Soanes

Without the entrepreneurial spirit of Clive Soanes, Soanes Poultry as we know it today would not exist. Having built up a business selling chickens to butchers in local towns for 20 years, in 1972 he was faced with a difficult financial decision when membership of the EU necessitated investment in automation. Clive was a shrewd businessman and made the investment just as chickens for the table grew in popularity and Soanes Poultry has never looked back.

Traditional Values

We are proud of our traditional values of quality and service and we pride ourselves on rearing Yorkshire's tastiest chickens. From traditional beginnings when we delivered our chicken to our customers in wicker baskets, we now deliver five days a week throughout Yorkshire and beyond using our own drivers and a fleet of refrigerated vehicles.

Farm to Customer in 24 Hours

The wicker baskets may have gone, but our commitment to delicious tasting chicken, reared to high standards of animal welfare, remains the same. Everything we do is produced today and delivered tomorrow. From farm to customer within 24 hours - you don't get any fresher than that.

All of our chickens are reared to high welfare standards

The result of this welfare rich life is firm-textured, tasty and succulent chicken that tastes like chicken used to.