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Antibiotics Policy

Antibiotics Policy

In order to address the worldwide issue of developing resistance to antibiotics, Soanes Poultry follows a “target zero antibiotic” policy.

The key measures of this policy are that we:

  • Prohibit the prophylactic use of antibiotics on all our farms.
  • Prohibit the use of critically important antibiotics for human health i.e fluoroquinolones and colistin
  • Maintain the highest level of biosecurity and disinfection routines
  • Work with industry poultry health specialists to seek and trial alternative approaches to antibiotic use.
  • Record and monitor antibiotic usage on our farms with an aim to reduce to zero where possible. If antibiotic usage is required on bird health and welfare grounds, we ensure that full withdrawal periods are followed. This is checked and verified by the Foods Standard Agency (FSA)  prior to any birds leaving the farm.

Where antibiotics are required on bird health and welfare grounds, this is after consultation with our veterinary surgeons and subsequent culture and sensitivity testing is carried out to minimise the risk of antibiotic resistance.