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We’re recruiting in order to keep our independent retailers stocked with award winning chicken

If you know of anyone who is looking for work, please let them know that we are recruiting staff to help keep up with demand for our chicken as the Coronavirus crisis deepens.

We anticipate that we will temporarily lose up to 50% of our team as a result of Covid-19 self-isolation and are recruiting in all areas of the business to ensure continuity of supply.

Our Managing Director, Nigel Upson said: “Independent retailers in our area have done an amazing job of providing fresh produce to our communities when the supermarkets couldn’t. We have taken the decision to keep production at full tilt to continue to feed Yorkshire through this network of butchers and farm shops, but we need your help. At the peak of this crisis we anticipate that more than 50% of our staff will not be available for work so we need to boost numbers now to maintain throughput.

“We seek some specialist skills like accounts staff, fork lift drivers, lorry drivers and also need a strong contingent of people willing to do whatever it takes including warehouse staff, packing boxes and cleaning the factory overnight.”

Please send an e mail to giving details of what work you normally do and what you are prepared to do. Everyone will have the opportunity to visit the site for a tour before committing but will have to agree to a screening for symptoms of illness before being allowed into the building.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Nigel and the Soanes Poultry team