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We’re proud to have consolidated our partnership with Midlands wholesaler, Tadmarton Products

We are thrilled to have cemented a strong trade relationship with Tadmarton Producs to become one of its main suppliers.

We now deliver our fresh free-range and standard chicken and offal to Midlands meat wholesaler Tadmarton Products three times a week.

Banbury-based Tadmarton Products is a wholesaler supplier of meat and poultry products to retail and catering butchers with customers in 15 counties, and the business distributes 4,000 tonnes of products annually.

Tom Kingston, Sales Manager at T.Soanes and Son, said: “We were asked to supply our poultry for Tadmarton Products’ own brand poultry as we have a longstanding relationship with the wholesaler, which has grown over the years.

“Tadmarton Products has a great reputation within the industry and we’re delighted to be working with them to get our chicken onto more plates throughout the country.”

Tadmarton Products purchasing manager Alex Grosvenor said currently the market is very compact so he has to select the business’ suppliers wisely: “We like working with independent businesses like T.Soanes & Son because they’re consistent and we can be guaranteed that we’ll receive the products we need from them.

“As a wholesale supplier, we’re in the middle, so if something goes wrong from our supplier end, then we can’t deliver, but we know that we can rely on Soanes.”

Through Tadmarton Products, poultry reared in Yorkshire is supplied to outlets across the country spanning an 90 mile-radius from the wholesaler’s headquarters to cover the Welsh borders to Cambridgeshire, and even as far as Southampton.