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Thank you, Tom from Grimsby and thank you, farmer Phil

We’re always very grateful when people take the time to tell us how much they like our chicken, so we were delighted to receive this email from Tom from Grimsby earlier in the week:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Apologies for this being out of the blue, I am not sure if this is the correct email address for passing on my comments.

Yesterday, Sunday, I roasted one of your chickens, see attached photo of the label.

Could I just quickly say this was absolutely first rate , easily the best, tastiest Chicken I have eaten for several years.

You will see from the BB date that the chicken had been deep frozen since September. But its quality was exceptional.

I purchased the bird from my local butchers, the excellent Browns Butchers of Scartho, Grimsby.

You have a great product, and it is interesting to see the info on your website about the way you rear your birds, welfare, zero antibiotics etc. Clearly this approach yields measurable results.

It was great to have all my expectations surpassed so hugely, so could I just pass on a sincere “Thank you” and “Well done” to all at Soanes.

Comments like these make all the hard work worthwhile. Our farming and factory teams always go the extra mile to produce exceptional quality chickens and it’s great to have such positive feedback.

Pictured is farmer Phil who reared the chicken that Tom enjoyed so much.

PS Tom made us smile as he referred to himself as a ‘Home cook of high enthusiasm but only moderate ability.’  We identify with that, Tom!