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Our free range chickens are in the news!

We are very proud to have played a part in customer Whyte and Brown’s latest newsletter

We support happy, healthy, free range chickens. That’s why we work with our chicken supplier, T Soanes & Son!
Tom Soanes started T Soanes & Son (Soanes) as a family business and, although they have grown enormously over the years, the company is still owned by the Soanes family.
Established in 1948, Soanes has been raising chickens for almost 70 years. That’s almost 70 years of looking after our little feathered friends. Nigel Upson, Soanes’ general manager, told us that at Soanes they “love to visit our free range farms and see the birds in their natural habitat. They look happy and healthy and appear to welcome visitors!”. Chickens love to forage and run, and we love that Soanes allows their birds to do just that.
Soanes choose to slow rear and free range their chickens for taste benefits and to meet high welfare standards. But did you know that allowing chickens to live more natural lives also offers health benefits including reduced risk of diabetes and strokes? Give our ‘Why is free range better?’ blog a read for more information on the various health benefits.
We’re over the moon to work with a supplier as great as Soanes. We love their dedication (they even grow the chicken feed themselves).
The chicken we serve you is delivered straight from the Yorkshire Wolds by Soanes themselves. Just one of the reasons why it’s such ‘really lovely chicken’.