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Congratulations on your promotion, Kev!

We very pleased to share the news that Kev Gates has been appointed as our new Transport Manager.

Kev joined us in 2013 and worked as a driver and transport supervisor before being promoted to his latest position on 1st April.

Ops Manager, Simon Rodgers said: “Kev’s well-deserved promotion is part of our people development plan that identifies members of the team with the potential to progress within the business.

“He is a great team player with the right attitude and commitment and is very well respected by his peers. We’re excited about the skills that he will bring to this role. ”

Kev is equally pleased with his promotion: “I’m excited about my new role that gives me responsibility for day-to-day transport deliveries and managing our team of drivers. Everyone at Soanes Poultry is so helpful and supportive and I’m really looking forward to making the step up to manager.”

When he’s not working, Kev, who lives in Driffield, enjoys F1, crown green bowls and football.

Good luck with the new role, Kev.