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Our farming neighbours

All of our chickens are grown by the Soanes family and by fellow arable farmers, Simon and Will Megginson and Will Wastling on farms within 22 miles of our factory in Middleton on the Wolds in East Yorkshire. In this post, we give you an insight into our farming neighbours, Simon and Will Megginson and Will Wastling.

The Megginsons own a large mixed arable farm in the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds near Driffield and we are proud to have been associated with the father (Simon) and son (Will) team for over 40 years (before Will was born, obviously!). Simon prides himself on always striving to do his best and enjoys shooting, supporting Driffield rugby club and following Leeds United when he’s not farming, which he does in partnership with his brother, Andrew. Will is also a keen shot and plays rugby for Driffield and cricket for Thixendale. His signature dish is honey and chilli chicken stir fry and we’re looking forward to including the recipe in our forthcoming recipe booklet. The Megginsons have three chicken rearing sites on their farms.

We have had the pleasure of working with Will Wastling, who farms north of Hull, for over 20 years. Will also owns a large mixed arable farm that houses four sheds where he rears our multi award-winning grain fed chicken. Will counts shooting, skiing and running amongst his hobbies and his favourite chicken based meal is a classic curry.

We’re so proud of the vital role that the farmers play in our business that we label each chicken with the name of the farmer who has reared them. Look out for the Megginson and the Wastling names on our chicken next time you’re in your local butcher, farm shop or deli.

Pictured left to right Simon Megginson, Will Wastling and Will Megginson